Plan B

What is Plan B or morning after pill ? Emergency contraception is a form of contraception used when the patient is not usually using any form of contraception or the current method used failed ( ie ruptured condom) . Also it can occur if you forgot to use your current method of contraception, like for …

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Most patient who suffer from infertility have heard of the drug called Clomid (Clomiphene).It is without a doubt the most common drug given to patients who suffer from infertility or sub fertile conditions. In this blog, I want to explain what Clomid is, how it works and what patients can use it. What is Clomid? …

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Menopause Perimenopause

Menopause is a normal event in a woman’s life. It is  defined as the final menstrual period and its confirmed after 1 year of no menstrual bleeding or no menstrual cycles. It consists in  the permanent cessation of menstruation resulting from loss of ovarian  function and its most commonly due to an advanced age.   …

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Ovarian Cyst

Ovarian cyst and ovarian tumors represent a major portion of gynecologic visit in any given year. They can be divided into non malignant and malignant conditions. The most common pathology of those two involving the ovary are those of non cancerous etiology. So what is an ovarian cyst? How are they formed? What symptoms can …

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What is Endometriosis and how can you tell if you have this condition? Do you know the symptoms of endometriosis? Do you know it can affect you and those around you? What is endometriosis ?   Endometriosis is considered the presence of endometrial glands (inside lining of the uterus) outside of the uterus itself. When this …

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ObGyn Katy Tx

How to choose an obgyn? How to choose a good OBGYN? Where to find an OBGYN Katy Tx?   When choosing a physician or in this case an OBGYN, it is very important to know your exact health goals. Are you looking for a doctor only during your pregnancy ? Are you looking for a …

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Cervical Cancer

  What is cervical cancer? What are its symptoms? What are the signs that you might have this disease? What is HPV ? In this blog, I want to discuss briefly about cervical cancer and answer some of these questions. There is some taboo about cervical cancer and HPV (human papilloma virus) a sexually transmitted …

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Myths during pregnancy

  The initial prenatal visit should be a time to discuss with your physician or OBGYN  things that are considered safe or unsafe during pregnancy. As you may have heard, there are multiple myths that expectant mothers are exposed regarding the do’s and don’ts during pregnancy.The most common topics discussed are about dietary myths during …

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Embarazo y sexo

Estás embarazada ? Esta es una de las mejores y más importantes etapas de tu vida. El simple hecho de dar vida a un nuevo ser humano es algo sorprendente, pero, qué pasa con tu cuerpo? que pasa con tu pareja? Qué sucede con la vida sexual de ambos? En el caso de ser tu …

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Common pregnancy problems

Pregnancy can be quite a strain on your body and there are inevitably some ‘complaints’ or discomforts that come with the joy of creating and growing a whole new person. Here is the list of most common pregnancy problems: Morning Sickness during pregnancy Due to sudden changes in hormones during pregnancy, many expecting mothers (more …

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