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How to choose an obgyn? How to choose a good OBGYN? Where to find an OBGYN Katy Tx?


When choosing a physician or in this case an OBGYN, it is very important to know your exact health goals. Are you looking for a doctor only during your pregnancy ? Are you looking for a doctor that can cover all women health issues without the need to visit other doctors? Do you know how many OBGYN doctors in Katy Tx there are?

Deciding for an ObGyn is about more than pregnancy care. When you talk to your selected doctor ask him or her about preventative care practices. Ask about recent ACOG (College of Obstetrics and Gynecology) Pap smear guidelines and other preventative women’s health issues to get a good sense how he/her stands on those. Use the internet to help you understand what you need (labs, physical exam, radiologic studies, etc) for your specific age group and ask your doctor about them as well. This way you will not be misinformed or uninformed when you go visit your OBGYN in Katy Tx.

Insurance Coverage:

If your insurance company covers the preventative health visit as well as your prenatal care, you stand on firm ground at least. However, there are some insurance companies that do not cover a portion or even all of the preventative health visits or exams. Some of them cover just the prenatal care . It’s a difficult topic, even more now with health insurance changes, but you have to make sure that the OBGYN Katy Tx that you choose accepts all major insurance health plans including Medicaid or Medicare. Medicaid and private insurances cover different women’s health areas (Texas Women’s Medicaid for example cover preventive office visits only), so I advise you to call your insurance company before making an appointment with your OBGYN.

Pregnancy and Your Obgyn Katy Tx

When choosing an OBGYN for your pregnancy care, make sure he/her has a low cesarean section rate. Is he/her in favor of natural vaginal delivery ? or he/her more in favor of primary cesarean section? This is an important topic. You can even find out how your selected hospital ranks in term of cesarean section rates by visiting websites in those topics. You will have a sense on how your OBGYN Katy Tx stands on those issues including how the hospital ranks in that area. Some women prefer to have a normal spontaneous delivery, with no medications or epidural anesthesia or even an induction. This is what is called a birth plan. Ask your OBGYN if he/her accepts birth plans and how he manages them in case there is an emergency.

High Risk Pregnancy:

Asking your ObGyn about their previous high risk pregnancies experiences can ensure high quality pregnancy care in the case your pregnancy gets complicated or has been labeled as a high risk pregnancy. Choosing an OBGYN Katy Tx is not easy since there are many to choose from. Education and board certification is a must: Choosing an OBGYN that is board certified is of outmost importance. Do some research, visit the website ABOG or ACOG and find out if your OBGYN Katy Tx is board certified and for how long. Many certified physicians will also be members of the Fellow of the American College of OBGYN. These are the words FACOG after their name.

Obgyn & Breastfeeding:

Find out if your selected doctor is in favor of breastfeeding. However, is there is a problem and you are not able to produce breast milk, ask his/her beliefs on that as well. It is very important to find out about breastfeeding before choosing an Obgyn in Katy Tx. Some physicians might judge you if you do not breast feed.


Most physicians have set beliefs on circumcision. You and your family have the final word on this topic, however you must know in advance if your OBGYN performs this procedure. Most of the time, circumcisions are done 24 hrs. to 48 hrs. after the baby is born or before the baby is discharged home.

Hospital Privileges in Katy Tx:

The physician that you choose should have hospital privileges in the hospital you prefer for the birth of your baby. This is of extreme importance since if you have an emergency and go to a different hospital your OBGYN will not be able to see you or take care of you. Pink Women’s Center have privileges at Memorial City Memorial Hermann and Memorial Hermann Katy Hospital. We perform gynecologic surgeries at both hospital but deliver our patients only at Memorial Hermann Katy Hospital.

Obgyn Coverage:

Does your doctor in Katy Tx attends all deliveries even in the middle of the night? Some physicians allow the on call doctor to manage for the patient until early morning.

Do you want to be seen by the same physician in all your gynecologic or prenatal visits? or do you prefer be seen by different doctors or nurse practitioners? This is a very important question you must answer before booking an appointment.

Your Obgyn Appointments:

Is your doctor available on weekends? Do they have weekend coverage? Does he still see patients during weekend if on labor? Make sure you know how to contact your OBGYN in after hours. Make sure you have emergency phone numbers, labor and delivery phone numbers and E.R address and phone number as well. Our office number is 713-464-1845 Email: [email protected]

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Pink Women’s Center is a board certified OBGYN group in west Houston. We manage normal and high risk pregnancies, gynecologic and menopausal problems, including abnormal vaginal bleeding, abnormal pap smear, stress incontinence, osteoporosis, sexual dysfunction, endometriosis and much more. We are a certified menopause OBGYN group, the only one in Houston Texas

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