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Certified Menopause Practitioner (NCMP):

Joel Rivera M.D FACOG NCMP has successfully met the criteria and passed the examination necessary to become a Certified Menopause Practitioner, credentialed through the North American Menopause Society (NAMS). Dr Rivera-Jimenez is currently one of only 2 healthcare practitioners in Katy and west Houston Texas to hold this distinguished certification, with Dr Jacob Tal, his colleague, being the second practitioner.

Founded in 1989, The North American Menopause Society is North America’s leading nonprofit organization dedicated to improving health and quality of life through an understanding of menopause. Practitioners who earn the NAMS Menopause Practitioner credential have demonstrated special interest and competency in the field of menopause.

Dr. Rivera Jimenez shares that “the field of women’s health includes different life stages including menopause. Each stage brings unique circumstances and health needs. During the stage of menopause women go through unique body and female hormonal changes, in addition to the potential emotional, social and family changes. I truly believe it’s extremely necessary to discuss with patients and answer all their questions regarding the menopause transition. It is very rewarding to help women go through these changes that the menopause transitions brings into a woman’s life and empower them with information to make important health decisions . Being a Certified Menopause Practitioner is an important milestone in my life that shows the commimentment that I have for women’s health and menopause.”


What is a “Menopause Discussion Group“?

These groups are designed to discuss various topics on menopause and its related areas. They are designed to be educational within the structure of an organized discussion group. They provide up-to-date and accurate information on menopause and its symptoms, osteoporosis, all types of incontinence, sex and sexuality during menopause, weight changes in midlife, adequate nutrition, vaginal bleeding during and after menopause, breast cancer and gynecologic cancers, hormone replacement therapy and its alternatives among other topics.

However, this group is not only educational; it is also a “process” group. Thus, the primary focus is on the participants and their desire to share their experiences, help one another understand their choices, and empower one another to be informed and to take care of themselves. The atmosphere should be one of encouragement, acceptance, and inclusion.

Members of a group who are comfortable in expressing their feelings and thoughts find a therapeutic benefit to group participation. The peer support is valued and motivates women to explore their own uniqueness and seek peer feedback. These women who participate in groups report more often feeling less self- critical, more appreciative of their strengths and better able to achieve their goals.

Women participating in these  Menopause discussion groups do not need to be actual patients of Pink Women’s Center, however if desired, appointments can be scheduled to benefit from the experience of the only Certified Menopause Group by the North American Menopause Society in Katy/West Houston and have a more personal and individualized assesment.

Target audience for these groups are patients around menopause or post menopause, or who has experienced a premature menopause due to a surgical approach or chemotherapy. Optimal group size is 8-10 participants with a maximum of 15 participants, so pre-registration is encouraged. Agendas will be emailed to participants as these will serve to structure the meetings. Individual participation is encourage although not mandatory.

Exact location of the meetings will be on the campus of Memorial Hermann Katy Hospital/Medical Office Building Suite 460. Exact timing is yet to be determined. Meetings will be once a week for 4 weeks. For optimal success, commitment is essential.

A small fee will be charged. Cash and checks will be accepted. Fees will include a well managed structured, take home material and refreshments. More information will be discussed during initial meeting and via email. Please include [email protected] to your email contacts. Send us an email or subscribe to our newsletter for more information.

  • Define menopause-related terminology.
  • Discuss endocrinology and physical changes associated with reproductive and physiologic aging.
  • Identify significant risk factors for diseases that can result from lowered ovarian hormone levels.
  • Comprehend the main components of obtaining a general health history and performing an appropriate physical examination (for patients of PINK Women’s Center).
  • Select appropriate laboratory and diagnostic studies (for patients of PINK Women’s Center).
  • Interpret physical, laboratory, and diagnostic findings as they relate to treatment decisions (To patients of PINK Women’s Center).
  • Describe current research regarding the use of pharmacologic as well as complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) treatments for menopause-related conditions.
  • Develop recommended lifestyle, nonprescription, and prescription risk reduction and treatment strategies for menopause-related symptoms and disease.
  • Provide each patient with education to make informed decisions regarding health promotion and illness prevention.
  • Address psycho social issues, including diversity.
  • Recognize when referrals to specialized services are appropriate (for patients of PINK Women’s Center)
  • Encourage acceptance and long-term adherence to an individualized health care plan.
  • Develop appropriate counseling strategies that lead to positive lifestyle changes for women around menopause and beyond.
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